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Let our Accredited nail technicians with over 30 years experience take care of you during your time at Downend Nails and beauty Lounge where you will be able to enjoy our comfortable nail studio and lounge.

You can tell much about a person from simply looking at their hands, but with very few of us finding the time to regularly tend to cuticles and hangnails, or to keep our hands properly moisturised. Additionally, many struggle with the bad habit of nail-biting which can lead to low confidence and self-asteem.

Take a look at some of our nail treatments and prices before booking your appointment with us.


Luxury Manicure

Luxury Manicure, with regular varnish £35.00
Luxury Manicure, with Shellac Finish £45.00


Regular Manicure

Regular Manicure, with regular varnish £30.00
Regular Manicure, with Shellac Finish £40.00

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